I am open to collaborating with other mental health providers. 

If you have an idea, send me an email, and let's talk. 

Tales From The Fandom

Once again, I did a collab so I could geek out about Avatar the Last Airbender. To spice it up a bit we also talked about the live-action One Piece and more! Geek out with us and check out some of the other awesome episodes from Tales from the Fandom to geek out on your favorite fandoms. You can check out my episode here!

Different Spectrums Podcast

I had such a great time recording this podcast that I would be more than happy to join Dr. Naz and Spencer again at any time! We talk about Avatar, the Last Airbender (a scene with Zuko because he is my favorite and has the best character arc in history), and communication. The Different Spectrums Podcast discusses movies/shows and mental health with a healthy dose of humor. Check out the podcast episode here

Untying Knots: Minds and Souls Untethered

I joined Perry Clark once again to geek out about the comic book Heroes in Crisis. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it! In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the comic book as mental health professionals and BIPOC readers. You can check out this episode and others on YouTube and pretty much anywhere podcasts are available. Check out Untying Knowts: Minds and Souls Untethered. 

Therapy for Nerds

Fruit Basket is one of my favorite anime! It portrays so many different types of traumas that we can experience and other ways to overcome them. Join Cassidy and me in geeking out about this anime and the mental health themes we noticed. We primarily discuss trauma and some other themes we noticed because I cannot stay on topic. Anyway, you can find the episode here!

Mind Brain Movies

Join the team from the Mind Brain Movies podcast and me! I often collaborate with them to review movies and discuss the mental health themes we notice. Here are some examples of movies we have reviewed:  

We have also recorded several episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender and tons of different themes we have noticed. Check out the podcast here! 

Fandom Forward Panel

It's my first panel, you guys!! It will be YouTube live on May 3rd at 8 pm EST.

During the panel, we will talk all about the MCU's portrayal of mental health in the movies and the shows on Disney Plus!

If you missed it it will also be published on the Fandom Forward YouTube channel! So yeah, check it out!

Social Media Series

Hello everyone! I am looking to collaborate with health professionals for a new series of social media posts I am working on. The series is called Reframe and Re-enchant. The series aims to 

 If you would like to collaborate send me a message via social media or an email. 

Anime for Humanity

I am currently collaborating with Anime for Humanity. I am very excited about the project and can't wait to present it to you all soon!

In the meantime, you can head over to Anime for Humanity to check out their free Anime Kit, blogs, mental health resources, volunteering opportunities, and donate for a good cause. 

Anime for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the stigma around mental health via anime, manga, video games, and cosplay

This Hour has 50 Minutes

I had so much fun talking with @drtamarasoles on her podcast. You can find it on all the major podcasting platforms and at this link:

We talk about what geek therapy is, geek culture, and telehealth among other fun things. I had a lot of fun and I hope you guys find it helpful. 

I love collaborating with others to bring you some awesome content. Check out the episode and let me know what you think!

The Gaming Persona

I did it you guys! I did another podcast and this time I talked all about video games!

So I have been collaborating with @drgameology for a while and he kindly invited me to his podcast The Gaming Persona so we could geek out about video games. 

I have become increasingly more interested in playing video games (I mainly play some on my phone). If you haven’t had a chance to check out the podcast here is your chance to listen now!  

Untying Knots: Minds and Souls Untetheared

You guys, it’s my first podcast interview! It wasn't published until March 2022, but was the first one I recorded. I have been holding on to this for months, but now I can finally share it with y'all. 

You can now listen to @ucgcounseling interview me about my website and the new project #reframeandreenchant series. We also talk about my experience as a Mexican-American Geek and how I have made meaningful connections by geeking out with others. We didn’t forget to discuss the stigma placed on the geek community and some myths and realities of mental health from the Latinx point of view.

I loved collaborating with Perry (the host), and I hope you guys enjoy the episode and find it helpful. 

Check out my YouTube channel Psychology for Geeks for even more information, recourses, and ideas on how you can #reframeandreenchant your life by geeking out. 

I geeked out with a good friend of mine about the similarities between the immigrant and geek communities. We talk about all our own experiences moving to the US and becoming part of the geek community. 

Found a friend (Dr. de Anda) who is also passionate about eliminating mental health stigma and talking about all kinds of mental health topics! 

We collaborated to make this video talking about communication and how the message is only as good as the messenger. 

Find it here and check out Dr. de Anda's YouTube channel for more awesome videos on mental health. 

We plan on collaborating a bunch in the future to make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Psychology for Geeks and Dr. De Anda's channel because we will be posting different videos!