Mental Health Resources

United States Agencies (Resources) 

Substance Abuse 

Domestic Violence 


Sexual Assault

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

Veterans Crisis Line

Disaster Distress Helpline 



Looking for more mental health content for geeks? Check out...


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Dr. Scarlet has a website, books, podcasts, social media, etc.

 A therapist and a filmmaker reviewing movies and the mental health themes in them. 

The blog of Peter Jung, a social skills RPG facilitator with over seven years of experience using RPGs in a plethora of fields. It features tips for getting started, troubleshooting group difficulties, and other essays exploring the world of applied gaming.

Non-Profit Organization dedicated to using anime, video games, and cosplay to eliminate mental health stigma. 

A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to supporting veterans and civilian supporters through the use of video games.  

Dege Time is an entertainment and educational brand focused on mental wellness. The YouTube show Deges & Dragons, which finds indie tabletop RPGs, teaches you how to play them, demonstrates a story, and then wraps up with a discussion of its therapeutic value.

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