Did you know there is a way you can combine chores with D&D? Having a clean space can be great for our mental health. Actually doing chores can be rather boring, especially if you have zero motivation. 

I propose that we reframe the way we think about chores. For example…

While it may seem silly it is a great way to practice reframing our thoughts and seeing a situation from different angles. For example, 

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The Nerd Therapist

You don't need to go alone on your healing adventure. Build a strong party for the support you'll need on your journey.

Take some time today to reflect who you are in your current party and who you need to recruit to be part of your party. 

Mental health and physical health are important and we need a party to help us navigate through life. 

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Dege Time

Dege Time aims to educate using entertainment with therapy in mind. Through the flagship show, Deges & Dragons, TTRPGs are taught and demonstrated. Each game has a theme like anxiety or skills building. Indie creators are highlighted to support the industry. 

Ghost Ops

A tactical military TTRPG where you will be a member of Ghost Ops, an international organization composed of only the most elite. The main focus of this game is to perform top secret high demand missions taking you anywhere from the depths of the ocean to the tallest mountain. With a combat heavy focus, there are fine details about weapons and specialties. Whether you gather intel, fight while skiing, or defuse bombs on a train, the action is high octane, yet safe enough to metabolize. Incorporating feedback from popular veteran groups, a second edition is available now.


A medical military drama TTRPG where you will be members of a mobile army hospital unit in Korea during the war. Created by the editor of a medical journal, the book is meticulously sourced with accurate information to reflect the struggles of those stationed there. The availability of manpower, resources, rest, and luck all have their roles to play. The true intensity comes from the brutality of practicing medicine under the circumstances with little to no combat whatsoever. For those seeking to grapple with war, but stray from simulated battle, this will be your speed.

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Gather your Strenght Counseling 

Tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPG) like Dungeons and Dragons, pathfinder, etc, can be used as a collaborative therapeutic tool.

TTRPG’s allow players to engage in problem-solving, engage in cooperative play and build and practice social skills together.

While roleplaying a character, players can act as their current self, ideal self, their flawed self, model their character as some they admire, or a combination of the four.  Roleplaying a particular self will allow players the opportunity to learn and practice how they would respond to different situations similar to life stressors as organized by the therapeutic game master (GM).

The therapeutic game master uses the shared imagination of a therapeutic TTRPG to provide a safe space for participants to practice all these skills, allowing players to choose to apply what they have learned to their lives outside of the game.

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The Therapeutic Workshop

I partnered up with @thetherapeuticworkshop to create this awesome graphic to distinguish playing TTRPGs in therapy and at home.

@thetherapueticworkshop are passionate about the therapeutic value of Table Top Role-Playing Games and using the benefits that TTRPGs have and intentionally use them for healing and growth in therapy.

The tradition of utilizing avatars (puppets, figurines in sandboxes, actions figures, etc.) is one that is firmly based on the oldest models of psychotherapy. There is nothing new about creating a narrative to write and re-write the story of ourselves and avatars for exploration of self, growth, and healing. These are at the heart of TTRPG therapy. Along with that, this framework allows for the integration of all manner of therapeutic models; including CBT, DBT, IFS, SFBT, to name a few.

Using TTRRPGs may help reduce/end the stigma placed on traditional therapy and it makes it easier for people to thrive.

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Many autistic people are highly sensitive and can struggle with emotional regulation more than allistic (non-autistic) individuals. Emotional regulation is the ability to navigate intense emotions without becoming overpowered or resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Factors that can help with emotional regulation include positive self-talk, flexibility, and the ability to reach out for support.

In TTRPGs, players undergo a number of situations that challenge them to cope with frustration, perfectionism, and disappointment. Despite players’ best efforts, their characters sometimes experience setbacks and loss. In City of Mist, characters are torn between the “ordinary” and “mythical” parts of their personas—between their “real-life” identities, and the legends unfolding beneath the surface.

The challenges they face teach them to adapt to changing conditions and encourage them to rise to their destinies. Many players take on issues that mirror ones they are facing outside of the game, and practice navigating their emotions from a comfortable distance. Within the safety of the game, players get a chance to see how setbacks make their characters stronger and learn to accept success and failure as equally important parts of life.

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Phoenix Performance Coaching

Food at a D&D session is as common as meeting in a tavern at the start of the campaign. It becomes very easy to indulge in endless snacking and it’s important to navigate these moments mindfully to maintain a balanced approach to your health. Here are 5 strategies to help you enjoy the food and drinks during your D&D session while staying on track:

Use these 5 steps to survive your next D&D session without feeling out of control and overeating

P.S. This is a small excerpt from the ebook: “The Healthy Adventurer’s Cooking and Shopping Guide.” DM “chef” to @phoenix.performance.coaching to get your free copy!