Revealing the Ivory Tower Podcast

Revealing the Ivory Tower podcast delivers science, health, and mental health information in a funny, real, and digestible way!

The host Dr. Mac also embraces geek culture and one of her favorite episodes is Geeks and Grief.

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You can also learn all about your physical and mental health while connecting with your own inner geek.

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Stories with Shrinks

Hey Story Tellers! In partnership with @storieswithshrinks let’s Reframe and Re-enchant the way we think about mental health! Using geek culture we can all begin to incorporate the things we love into daily routines that can help promote our own mental health needs!

For instance! Legos! Both fun and therapeutic, legos can be used for mindfulness and self-care. Maybe even bring a little bit of calm to your day! So go grab some legos and re-enchant your day!

If you are interested in learning more about mental health, counseling, and geek/pop culture go check out the podcast Stories with Shrinks (@storieswithshrinks). Host Tyler and Jen take a new topic twice a month and psychoanalyze characters from your favorite movies, tv, and media. Enjoy!

Mental Health Quest Podcast

Starting any journey can be exciting but the journey through mental health is foggy and difficult. But if you have a guide then things don’t seem as scary. Let us be your guides as you start this adventure. Embark on your own Mental Health Quest and discover all the different ways that you can get help.

Find out more about Therapeutically Applied role-playing games, superhero therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. You can listen to our podcasts on all the major podcast platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon! Please like us on our Facebook and Twitter @MHQPodcast!

Untying Knots

Podcasts are a great way to keep ourselves entertained while doing chores, on a long commute, during our exercise, etc. Podcasts can also give us the opportunity to discuss important subjects like mental health and offer us the opportunity to relate. Listening to our story being told can be very liberating. It lets us know that we are not alone and we may even learn of the options available to us.

Take some time to #reframeandreenchant your life with this new episode of Untying Knots.

Perry chats with Boontarika (Boonie) Sripom about video games are sources of joy and entertainment, yet still carry stigma and misunderstanding within families and relationships, our culture in general. BIPOC Geeks is its own subculture, but people still feel pressured to choose between people or games, where conflict increases. There are so many benefits from gaming, things that can be overlooked. By being open and curious, we can learn to see the world of a gamer more positively and even feel welcomed to explore our inner gamers, while acknowledging the importance of balance.

It’s much more a talk about experience, which is to start people being aware of the challenge as BIPOC. Check out @ucgcounseling,, and Untying Knots Podcast.

You guys!!! Check this out!!

I have no idea how to describe this podcast episode so I asked @ucgcouseling to do it so here it is!

"In this episode, I (Perry Clark) chat with Dr. Lonny J. Avi Brooks about Afrofuturism & Black Mental Health. We cover what is Afrofuturism, and where mental health has appeared within and through the collective works that are part of the Afrofuture / Black Speculative Arts Movements. We also discuss the attempts to erase the movements. Including how that eraser theme has appeared today. Including elements we see in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Discovery.

Dr. Brooks and I also talk about gaming where the exploration of Afrofuturism is present. Dr. Brooks and Associates created a game called "Afro-Rithms". We also discuss several Black and African-focused Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG) and podcasts."

So yeah check out the newest episode for Untying Knows: Minds and Souls Untethered. Don’t forget to follow #reframeandreenchant for more awesome tips and resources on how you can geek out and take care of your health.