Therapy Dog Talk

A therapy dog, an emotional support dog, and a support dog are often confused with each other so I teamed up with @therapydogtalk to make something to clear up all of the confusion (mainly because I kept getting confused myself).

As it happens often @therapydogtalk and I geeked out and ended up creating a list of awesome stuff we would like to share with all of you. Check back in next Friday to learn more about pets (specifically dogs).

You can check out the full blog with detailed explanations of what a #therapydog #emotionalsupportdog and a #supportdog are.

The blog has a really cool table that clearly shows the differences between all three categories.

Therapy Dog Talk

Do you have a dog? Dogs have their own personality and likes/dislikes. It's important to know how to gree a dog (especially a working dog) to prevent any accidents.

So not only do I get to collab with @therapydogtalk but I have been learning so much about dogs (even though I’ve had a doggo be my best bud for like 2 years).

Check out the full blog here.

The blog includes some cool books you can read with your child to teach them about greeting dogs. Don’t forget to #reframeandreenchant your life with @therapydogtalk and @superpwrtoolkit!

Therapy Dog Talk

Do you have a pet? Have you thought about doing animal-assisted therapy?

Well either way you answered the questions you can check out @therapydogtalk’s new blog! It’s all about animal-assisted therapy. Check it out here.

Don’t forget to follow #reframeandreenchant because @therapydogtalk and I have some more awesome content to share with you guys… it will take a while to share it with y’all because we want to make sure we are bringing you the best but it will take some time. In the meantime check out for more info!