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Did Aladdin catch your attention? I know it definitely gets mine because...well...#disneynerd right here! I love how we can even use Disney in #mentalhealth to teach us our #tuesdaytips about building #selfesteem and #selfconfidence. What do you guys say? Ready to #reframeandreenchant together as we journey together with @healingpathwayshouston? As Jiminy Cricket says...let your #conscience be your guide!

✨ Bee reflective! We can do this through #mindfulness, journaling, and encouraging each other to have the confidence to know our goals, #dreams, and wishes. For kiddos, create a "reflective balcony" like Jasmine has in the movie to think about her deep thoughts! It can be filled with books, emotion charts, soft pillows, etc... to encourage and support your child's social and emotional growth.

✨ Bee a good friend! Being there for the people close to you shows that you value their friendship. It also says, "you gotta friend in me!" The relationships we form when we are young can grow into adulthood and show us how we will form long lasting relationships in the future. It also helps to identify our value system and what we like to see in others and in ourselves.

✨ Bee-lieve in yourself! Remember how Genie helped Aladdin become a prince, showing him anything is possible? Amazing things begin to happen when you begin to #believeinyourself! Just ask someone you look up to and believe is #confident in themselves.

✨ Bee a "diamond in the rough!" Not only are diamonds known as a girl's best friend, they're also proof that beautiful things can be created out of really tough circumstances! Sometimes we're afraid that our #challenges will change us and break us down. In reality, they can shape us into the beautiful diamonds we are!

✨ Bee a leader! Just like Aladdin, following your own path and doing what's right is truly the key to building healthy and #positiveselfesteem. Staying true to our values and leading by example create the people we want to become.

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Music can help us re-enchant our life by adding background music for the epic adventures we have on a daily basis. Some of the epic adventures that music has helped me through are doing the dishes, studying for midterms/finals, exercising, cooking, long road trips, etc.

Music can make the monotony of life into an adventure.

An epic playlist can encourage us to study, exercise, or relax. It's also a great way to finish everything on your to -do list, especially the things we don't want to do.

Sometimes it's the lyrics that help us, sometimes it's the catchy beat, sometimes it's the memories that come along with the song, sometimes it's just white noise, sometimes it's because it reflects our mood perfectly… either way, music can make our life just a bit better.

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Pixar’s SparkShorts offered animators a new way to tell stories in short format but with just as much emotional impact as a full-length film.

Movie clips and short films can be used as age-appropriate visual aids to explore social-emotional learning quickly and easily or teach important life themes. The shorts typically run 3 to 4 minutes long and have a beginning, middle, and end. Embedded in intriguing conflicts are figurative languages, hidden messages, and an ending resolution and most rely on non-verbal language. All of these clips can be found on Disney+ and many can also be found on Youtube.

Because these films use little or no verbal language, they offer excellent opportunities for working on pragmatic goals such as understanding body language, facial expressions, and characters’ emotions. After watching a film, ask your child “wh” questions (i.e. what happened in this story, what do you think the message is, who are the important characters, why did the characters act in a certain way, how did you feel about what happened in the film). Once you’ve discussed the basic plot, ask your child to make predictions about what might happen next. Work on perspective-taking by asking the child to imagine being in the same situation as one of the characters. Use questions like “what would you do if…?” or “how would you feel if…?”.

Check out @happylilbrains and www.happylilbrains.com to geek out and learn more about mental health with licensed MFT Jessica Ehrman. She will be creating a multi-part series that will explore specific Pixar shorts including their themes and the overall plotline. She will also explore specific questions that complement the film and can be used to explore emotions, increase emotional intelligence, and explore important life lessons.

Songs Healing

There is so much we can learn from movies when we identify with a character’s story. But did you know we can also learn from music? Music therapy is real, it's effective and can be just what you need.

  1. Luisa makes at least 5 comparisons while singing Surface Pressure. Which ones do you like the most and why?

  2. The chorus of the song talks about dripping and ticking until hitting a breaking point. What can that feel like for you?

  3. Towards the end, Luisa wonders if being free from expectations would let her relax. If you could dlrop a weight bearing down on you, what could your joy or relaxation look like?

I had loads of fun collaborating with @songshealing to bring you this post. Check out the questions you can use with yourself, family, friends, colleagues, etc.

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What is your favorite song from Encanto?