Starship Therapist

We all know that fan fiction is fun, but did you know that it can also change your life?  By harnessing the power of fandom, you can conquer anxiety, heal from depression, and reclaim balance in mental and emotional health.

Psychotherapists and hosts of the popular Starship Therapise podcast (@starship_thearpise) Larisa A. Garski and Justine Mastin offer a self-help guide to the mental health galaxy for those who have been left out of more traditional therapy spaces: geeks, nerds, gamers, cosplayers, introverts, and everyone in between.

Starship Therapise explores how narratives and play inform our lives, inviting readers to embrace radical self-care with Westworld's Maeve and Dolores, explore anxiety with Miyazaki, and leverage narrative therapy with Arya Stark. Readers will explore mental health and emotional wellness without conforming to mainstream social constructs.

Insights from comics like Uncanny X-Men, Black Panther, Akira, Bitch Planet, and The Wicked + The Divine offer avenues to growth and self-discovery alongside explorations of the triumphs and trials of heroes, heroines, and beloved characters from Supernatural, Wuthering Heights, The Lord of the Rings, The Broken Earth trilogy, Mass Effect, Fortnite, Minecraft, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Star Trek. Each chapter closes with a mindfulness meditation or yoga exercise to inspire reflection, growth, and the mind-body-fandom connection.

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Little Brainstorm 

Ever feel like your mind wanders? Imagine if it was your BRAIN that did the wandering! Brainboy is the personification of Bob’s ADHD, but Bob loves him for who he is and they’re best friends.

Life lessons made fun. All children have great potential and we can aid that potential by teaching children about their mental health. This can be made easier through books. 

Little Brainstorm is an indie publisher focused on stories that are silly and serious, tackling topics like ADHD, anxiety, disability, and self-acceptance in a way that meets the reader where they are and starts a conversation between children, parents, teachers, and therapists. 

Brainboy and Bob Get It Done provides helpful perspectives to kids who love to start a new project but get discouraged when they don’t become experts as quickly as they’d like. In Brainboy and Bob in First Day of School Jitters, the duo are anxious about the first day of school, but they talk through their feelings, figure out solutions, and make a plan. The Happiest Octopus tells the story of Octavio who is a very special octopus but he doesn’t feel understood so he swims away and discovers the Mind Eye, a telepathic collective consciousness that helps Octavio come to see he’s already great just the way he is. 

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Fandom Acts of Kindness

 “Fandom Acts of Kindness: A Guide to Activism, Advocacy, and Doing Chaotic Good” by Drs. Tanya Cook and Kaela Joseph, encourages you to start with what you love to create positive change in the world around you.

This “first of its kind, actionable, and inspirational resource” is a love letter to fans of all kinds who use the power of story to enact real world heroism. Whether you want to start a petition or disrupt an inequitable system, this guide has something for you.

You can find "Fandom Acts of Kindness" at the link below, as well as all major book retailers