Kindred Soul Art

What you surround yourself with can make such a big difference in the subtle mood you create for your life. Do the things around you bring you joy?

Art is one way to shift the mood in your space.

It might be a portrait of a pet you love, an encouraging quote, or a silly painting that makes you laugh every time you see it--like these gems commissioned from Choose art that speaks to you and can give the space around you that natural mood lift.

Create a space you want to be in and that lifts your mood. Bring art into your life by making art, buying art, or following art. For a little bit of all that checkout on Instagram and Etsy.

Stories with Shrinks

Hey Storytellers! In partnership with @superpwrtoolkit let’s begin to Reframe and Re-enchant the way we think about mental health! Using geek culture we can all begin to incorporate the things we love into daily routines that can help promote our own mental health needs!

For instance! Pokemon! Both fun and therapeutic, these pocket monsters can remind us of our own needs. Parts of ourselves, our feelings, can help us be our very best but we need to first collect them all. Becoming a master of our feelings by training with them and learning how they help us and how can become attuned with them.

Have some fun with it too! Draw your feeling parts as Pokémon or assign your anxiety a Pokémon that represents that part of you. How are they helping you and how can you help them?

If you are interested in learning more about mental health, counseling, and geek/pop culture go check out the podcast Stories with Shrinks. Host Tyler and Jen take a new topic twice a month and psychoanalyze characters from your favorite movies, tv, and media. Enjoy!