What is Psychology for Geeks?

Movies, games, anime, manga, cosplay, etc., are just other tools mental health providers can use in therapy sessions. There are many of us who identify as a geek or belong to a geeky community where we feel comfortable so why not use it in the therapy session? For example, a therapist may be using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in the session, and they can use examples from movies or shows as a way to explain psychological concepts. This way, it may be easier and more interesting for a geek client to learn and participate in the session. For example, I have used  Marvel Studios TV shows to explain Exposure Therapy and episodes from the Japanese anime Boruto to explain how using ACT can help reduce anxiety. 

On this website and the social media attached, you can find information about mental health, which incorporates elements of geek culture to increase and facilitate our understanding of psychology. We aim to help reduce the stigma placed on mental health and the geek community and create a safe space for everyone. We understand that healing can be a privilege that not everyone has so we are becoming a nonprofit organization to help provide mental health information to underserved communities. Learn more about our free community events in the non-profit tab. 

Check out some of my other blogs and YouTube videos to learn more!

What is geek culture?

The word “geek” was originally used to describe someone who was not part of mainstream culture, someone different, someone eccentric. 

Nowadays it's a way of life. There are many of us who identify as geeks.  We live enjoying the things we love without any regrets. 

Geek culture helped me form strong friendships, become comfortable with who I am, feel accepted, and give me a sense of belonging. 

Don’t understand geek culture? Ask us. We would enjoy talking about the things we love.

--Geek and proud. 

We are on Twitch!

We are always looking for new ways to connect with others. Our latest project includes weekly Twitch streams. We will be doing interviews with awesome geeky professionals, special discussions, and much more! Don't forget to follow our Twitch channel to get notifications for our streams. Follow us HERE!

Our channel is still new, so we are open to suggestions on topics you would like us to discuss, games to play, and fun things to do on stream. Head over to our socials and send us your ideas!

Free Therapy Tips & Resources on Social Media for Geeks

I created a social media series, that was supposed to last like a week and give me enough post material for a week and now it has evolved into a permanent series on my social media/website. 

The Reframe and Re-enchant Series is a series on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok). The series aims to provide real information about health to fight the stigma and false information floating out there (reframe). A second goal is to provide ideas on fun ways to incorporate the geeky things we love into our daily schedule to make life fun and something we look forward to (re-enchant). The third goal is to assist professionals and organizations in promoting projects to the public. 

Follow @psych4geeks for weekly posts for this series. You can also follow the #reframeandreenchant to view the posts. New posts will be published every Sunday and Monday for as long as I can make it possible. 

I created this series because I believe that mental health providers, in general, need to be more visible on social media to dispel any misconceptions about therapy. 

If you are a health professional (doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist, trainer, mental health provider, etc) and would like to collaborate, send me an email or a message and we can brainstorm together.  There are no hidden fees! I only ask that we geek out and combat stigma together.  Feel free to reach out via social media or email. 

Geeky Non-Profits

Geek out, reach out and help out for your mental health.

I’m all about collaboration (because I can’t do it all and why reinvent the wheel when someone else is doing a fantastic job!), so I decided to compile a list of great non-profit organizations that offer mental health resources, a safe and supportive community, training/education, and a way for all of us to geek out… 

The list is not in any particular order and you’ll have to check them out to see what amazing things they offer (hey I already compiled the list for you!). 

So there you go. This list is by no means complete I will try to update it as I find more. If you would like me to add an organization to this list shoot me an email or DM on social media and I will try to update it. 

2024 Goals!

This year, we commit to making the following goals a reality! You can find more information on our progress in the non-profit tab