Non-Profit Information

Why a non-profit?

Psychology for Geeks aims to create a safe space for everyone. We want to increase understanding of mental health and the geek community online and in various communities throughout central California. Knowing that many communities lack resources and access to mental health services, we want to provide free psychoeducation and other community events to build supportive communities. You can check out our community programs below. If you want to join the Psychology for Geeks community, follow us on our socials, become part of our R&R Guild, and share our content with others. You can also contact us to volunteer for our in-person community events. 

Mission Statement 


The goal of the Reframe and Re-enchant Guild is to help raise funds to provide free/reduce cost psychoeducation activities for underserved communites through the lens of geek culture. 

We have 3 different guild groups available on Patreon for your convenience. each group includes membership to the R&R Guild. Depending on the group you will also help provide arts and crafts supplies or books to children/teens in underserved communities in central California. You will also have access to exclusively monthly streams. 

Check out the Patreon here!

Here is how you can join the community...

There are many ways in which you can support the Psychology for Geeks. You can join our R&R guild and our social media community. Subscribing to our Twitch and YouTube can also help us raise funds to help pay for the materials needed of thements. Linking, sharing, and commenting on our social media can also aid in reaching out to more geeks/nerds and anyone who may find our content helpful.  

Psychology for Geeks Board Members

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